Ural, the funky motorcycle sidecar manufacturer from Russia, is boasting a 39% increase in unit sales for 2011. Considering the company’s total expected output for last year was approximately 1,100 models, you won’t notice an influx of sidehacks dominating your local roadways, but this is really good news for the small manufacturer of eclectic two-wheelers, especially in the midst of a deficient economy.

Ural recognized an article in the New York Times and a collaboration with bike builder James Hammarhead for some of the company’s increasing popularity. We like to think our positive review of the Ural Gear-Up model last year as cause for Ural’s booming market share. Some may consider our love of this machine to be irrational, but we’re in the company of Ural owners including Brad Pitt and Ewan McGregor, who both added Urals to their garages in 2011.

“Being the only sidecar manufacturer in the world, Ural has experienced an increased demand from all age groups, “ says Ural CEO Ilya Khait. “Mature riders are interested in sidecars because of the added stability, and the unique opportunity to share the ride with their family members. The younger urban crowd is also getting into sidecars in their search for practical transportation and their desire for something unique — an experience and identity — they can associate with their own lifestyle.”To service its expanding customer base Ural is increasing its dealer network by 25 to 30 dealers in 2012. 

In other Ural news, the company is relocating its North American operation in Redmond, Washington, to a larger facility. Ural also appointed Chuck Schram, former Dealer Developer for Piaggio, to the position of Director of Dealer Development, and Jon Bekefy, previously employed by Ducati and LeoVince, to the position of Director of Strategic Marketing Communications.