Indian manufacturer and former Honda partner Hero MotoCorp has unveiled a new hybrid scooter prototype at the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi.

The Hero Leap runs on a series hybrid powertrain with the battery-powered electric motor providing most of the power and the gasoline engine acting as a range extender, charging the battery and supplying power when the battery runs low. Hero claims fuel economy of up to 100 km/l, which translates to an eye-popping 235 mpg.

Indian Cars Bikes reports Hero has applied for three international technology patents and nine design registrations for its Leap hybrid concept. Meanwhile, the Economic Times reports Hero intends to export the Leap to other markets where the infrastructure is better developed for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The Leap is still just a prototype but it’s a clear sign Hero isn’t ready to give up the leading share in India’s two-wheel market despite its split from Honda and increased competition from other major manufacturers.

[Source: ICB, Economic Times]

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