9. Motus MST Unveiled

Like many of us, Brian Case and Lee Conn dreamed of building their ultimate dream bike. Unlike the rest of us, Case and Conn actually built it. Some rough sketches on a napkin and a whole lot of gumption later, their dream is coming into fruition with their Motus MST sport-tourer.

The two friends established Motus in Birmingham, Ala., and teamed up with automotive performance experts Katech and race car builders Pratt & Miller to build their dream machine. With Katech’s help, Motus developed the KMV4 engine, a logitudinally-mounted V4 engine with gasoline direct injection – the first such application in a production motorcycle engine.

A prototype was unveiled at Daytona Bike Week before the Motus team began a cross-country tour on the Motus MST.

Motus tells us the MST is on schedule for a production launch in mid-2012. Expect news of pricing to come in the months ahead.

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