Loyal fans of Suzuki’s iconic Hayabusa have something to be seriously worried about. Kawasaki has overhauled its fast and smooth ZX-14, adding a bigger and more powerful engine that promises to outgun the venerable Busa.

I just spent a day hammering the new ZX-14R In Las Vegas, beginning with a blast through the desert and ending with several runs down the quarter-mile dragstrip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Even though atmospheric conditions were unfavorable, calculating to a 3000-foot altitude, the 14R posted a blazing 9.77-second run!

Think about this: Here’s a completely stock and EPA-legal production streetbike that can from a dead stop accelerate to nearly 150 mph in just 1320 feet!

You might think such a monstrously powerful motorcycle to be an uncivilized animal on the street, but you’d be completely wrong. If throttle openings are kept to less than a quarter turn, the ZX-14R is incredibly docile and silky, giving no indication it’s now the undisputed quickest-accelerating machine ever offered to the public.

Look for a full review of this awesome new land-bound missile tomorrow!

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