A couple of days ago, we shared a fun video featuring three-time World Superbike Champ Troy Bayliss and Ernesto Marinelli, head of Ducati’s superbike program talking about the new 1199 Panigale. While that video was cute with some entertaining interaction between the two long-time collaborators, it was rather light on information about Ducati’s latest superbike.

Today, we have a second, lengthier video featuring Marinelli and Bayless offering a more technical look at the Ducati 1199 Panigale. The second video goes into more detail into some of the bike’s features and the reasoning behind them without being overly technical.

The video does an especially good job of comparing the 1199 to its predecessor, the 1198, showing changes to the rider geometry, the new monocoque frame and the switch from an undertail pipe to an underslung exhaust system. Also interesting was the footage of Bayliss testing a pre-production version of the 1199 on the Mugello race track.

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