Yamaha has confirmed the personal information of 607 customers in Japan was leaked to a third party.

According to Yamaha, personal information for recall and product improvement measures was leaked byYamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co., the manufacturer’s domestic group company.

The information including names, mailing addresses, vehicle names and VIN, and dealership information for 607 customer accounts in the Aichi, Fukuoka and Kagoshima prefectures were received by an anonymous third party via fax on Nov. 11.

An investigation held soon after was unable to uncover any solid confirmation but Yamaha was able to confirm information was leaked to a different third party on Nov. 22. An investigation into the source of the leak continues. According to Yamaha, there have been no reports of damage or unauthorized use of customer information.

Yamaha will contact the customers involved in the leak and offers an apology to its customers and all other involved parties for the information leak.

[Source: Yamaha]