Escaping our EICMA coverage until now is this iridescent stunner, a running model of the Light Cycles seen in the movie, Tron. Constructed of fiberglass, rolling on 32-inch hubless wheels and powered by a 60ah lithium ion battery system and 40,000w motor, Evolve claims the standard Xenon has a top speed of 70mph, a range of 30 miles and a three-hour charge time. For $55,000 you can order a standard Xenon from Evolve or, for $10,000 more, you can get the XR model which increases range up to 100 miles with a 120ah battery pack, which requires one additional hour of charge time. Evolve says turn around from date of order to delivery is approximately 45 days.

Evolve is working on a more realistic two-wheeler, the Lithium concept sportbike. Evolve says they already have a running version of this streetfighteresque motorcycle that they claim will have a 100-mile range, a maximum speed of 100mph and a charge time of 3.5 hours. Look for it to be available in early 2013 at an as of now undetermined price.

The bread and butter of Evolve’s model line-up is its electric scooters: Zinc, Helium, Neon, Titanium. Prices range from $2900 for the Zinc to $5400 for the Titanium or you can upgrade to the XR version of each model for a $1500 price increase. Ranges vary from 40 miles for the base model Zinc to 110 miles for the XR version.

Evolve is a new electric transportation company with handful of dealers located in major metropolitan areas primarily on the East and West coasts. To order a Xenon, find a local dealer or read more about the company’s products contact Evolve directly at