November 18, 2011
| On 11 years ago

Top 10 Videos of New Motorcycles from EICMA 2011

The two-wheeled orgasm that is EICMA is over, and now comes the waiting for the sexy new machines on display to arrive. You’ve seen our EICMA 2011 coverage (and if you haven’t yet, tsk, tsk!), read the juicy details and gazed longingly at the photographs. But how do these new models look in motion?

While we still have a little while to wait before seeing these new motorcycles (and scooters!) up close, the manufacturers have released some promotional videos to show off their new models. We’ve compiled a number of these videos and created a top 10 list of new bikes from EICMA 2011.

How did we rank these videos? We considered the cinematography, music, and themes, as well as how informative the videos are. Of course, how cool the motorcycles are played an important role in our decision making, but so did how well the videos convey that cool factor. As perhaps the most important factor, we asked ourselves this: does the video make us want to ride?

Your list may differ from ours, and that’s okay. At one point, the ranking came down to engine noises (or lack thereof!), so believe us when we say it was almost like splitting hairs. Let us know in the comments what you think about our list, and whether you would rank them differently.

And now, without further ado, here is our list of the Top 10 Videos of New Motorcycles from EICMA 2011.