Chinese manufacturer CFMOTO is recalling 6,405 motorcycles because the rear brakes controls do not comply with federal requirements.

The rear brakes on 2005-2009 CFMOTO CF250T V3 and CF250T V5 models are controlled by a hand lever on the left handlebar instead of a right foot control. The CF250T V3 and V5 use automatic continuously variable transmissions and thus do not have a clutch that would be operated by a left hand lever like on conventional motorcycles. Instead, they are set up like scooters which can have both front and brakes controlled by hand levers.

In fact, the manufacturer classified the V3 (pictured above) and the V5 (which has a cruiser-like fender and headlight design instead of the V3’s fairing) as scooters. The CF250T V3 was included in our 2009 250cc Street Bike Shootout and Pete Brissette describes it as a “scootercycle”.

“Just like a scooter, both front and rear brakes are operated by hand levers, so be warned if you’re looking to stomp your right foot down on the brake pedal, ’cause it ain’t there!” Pete commented.

Unfortunately for CFMOTO and its customers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration classifies the CF250T V3 and V5 as motorcycles and therefore the two models must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard no. 123 and have standardized control layouts.

CFMOTO had been promoting the CF250T models as having the appearance of a motorcycle but the ease of use of scooters, saying many of its customers liked having hand controls for both front and rear brakes.

Since they are officially classified as motorcycles however, CFMOTO must replace the rear brake levers with conventional right foot controls.

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