What’s left of the C50’s seat and saddlebags after a bear attacked the bike. Image courtesy erstarnews.com

According to a post on Elk River Star News.com (erstarnews.com) a bear did some serious damage to a Suzuki Boulevard C50 before realizing the cruiser wasn’t as tasty as maybe it first appeared.

The Star News reports that Tammy Luukkonen’s damaged Boulevard was discovered by her husband Roy Luukkonen. The cruiser’s saddlebags as well as the rider’s portion of the saddle were shredded to bits. According to the article Mrs. Luukkonen stated that the rear tire had bite marks and the bike had been dragged three feet, leaving skid marks on their concrete drive. Interestingly, Mr. Luukkonen’s larger Suzuki Boulevard, a C90, was untouched. Mrs. Luukkonen said she’s never stored food in the bike’s saddlebags.

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