As a motorcyclist I’ve made it my duty to stop and lend assistance any time I see a fellow rider that looks like they’re in need, a sort of paying it forward mentality for the many times I found myself in need of a hand.

In most instances the rider stopped on the road’s edge had pulled to the side temporarily to resolve an innocuous issue, but occasionally a rider genuinely needed my help. In either case the riders were grateful that a fellow motorcyclist was checking up on them. The rider in this video takes stopping to help to a new level.

As you’ll see in the footage from the on-board camera this BMW GS-mounted rider somehow, while ripping down a gravel road, spots a helpless cow calf that had fallen into a large cement-lined irrigation ditch.

Mr. GS then peels back ’round, anchors a strap to his bike, jumps in the canal presumably while still wearing his gear, and after a few futile attempts hauls out the exhausted and soaked calf. Not content his job was done, the rider then amps up his animal-loving ways.

Watch the video to see how the rider completes the rescue.