Dainese will showcase the street version of its D-air airbag suit at the EICMA motorcycle show, Nov. 8-13 in Milan, Italy.

The D-air Street system comes a year after Dainese presented the racing version at last year’s EICMA show. Unlike the D-air Racing system, the D-air Street is made up of two parts, a suit portion and a unit that attaches to a motorcycle.

The motorcycle-mounted unit has accelerometer sensors on the fork and frame to sense impending slides or impacts. The unit wirelessly relays information to the wearable suit and can trigger the 12l airbags, protecting the rider and/or pillion passenger wearing the suits.

According to Dainese, the D-air system can deploy in under 45 milliseconds. Dainese claims the airbag transfers 92% less force to a rider compared to conventional chest protectors and 82% less than level 2 back protectors.

The D-air Street system will be joined at EICMA by a new version of AGV Standards, a system that scans a rider’s skull to customize a helmet for optimal fit.

[Source: Dainese]

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