For a company best known for its sportbikes, it may surprise some to learn Ducati’s hottest selling model is its Multistrada 1200. But it’s true: the Multistrada 1200 family, consisting of the base version, the 1200S Sport, 1200S Sport Pikes Peak Special Edition and the 1200S Touring is topping Ducati’s sales charts.

It makes sense then for the Ducati Multistrada 1200 to return relatively unchanged for 2012, though it appears the Pikes Peak edition is the only version of the Multistrada to come in the 1200S Sport trim. The only update for 2012 is a revised seat with an increased front and rear length for all versions of the “four-bikes-in-one” Multistrada.

All versions (except the special edition Pikes Peak version of course) will be available in the same  red and arctic white as the 2011 models (the black version will no longer be offered) while the Touring version gets a new “race titanium matte” color with a black frame.

Ducati is keeping pricing the same as its 2011 levels, which means $15,495 for the base Multistrada 1200, $21,995 for the Multistrada 1200S Sport Pikes Peak, and $19,995 for the Multistrada 1200S Touring.