Ducati will unveil a new Monster model for the Asian market, expected to be called the 795.

The Italian manufacturer has a new micro-site (http://www.monster.ducati.com/) displaying the shrouded image above along with a countdown ticking off the days until the Oct. 20 launch event in Sepang, Malaysia. The event is scheduled to take place just before the MotoGP round in Sepang and Valentino Rossi is scheduled to appear for the unveiling.

Not much is being shown at this point, but the Ducati Philippines website claims the micro-site is teasing a new Monster 795 model. The new Monster will likely be built specifically for the Asian market from Ducati’s new factory in Thailand.

What can we expect from the Ducati Monster 795? The engine is likely to be the 803cc engine found on the Monster 796 while other components should be similar to the 696. The shroud on the teaser image offers a hint of an exhaust as found on the 696 and 796 but the slope of the back of the fuel tank suggests a lower seat height, a feature that would make the Monster a better fit for consumers in Asia.

Beyond that, we’ll have to wait until Oct. 20 to find out.

[Source: Ducati, Ducati Philippines, Ducati.ms]