Ducati is pricing its new Streetfighter 848 at $12,995, the same price as the 2011 848 EVO and $2,000 less than the original 1099cc Streetfighter.

The new 2012 Ducati Streetfighter 848 is equipped with a Testastretta Evoluzione engine similar to the one powering the 848 EVO but tuned to produce a claimed 132 hp and 69 ft-lb. (compared to the s848’s 140hp and 72.3 ft-lb.) In comparison, the 1199cc Streetfighter has a claimed output of 155 hp and 85 ft-lb. With Ducati’s new Testastretta 11-degree engine technology, the Streetfighter 848 can go about 15,000 miles before needing valve adjustments.

The Streetfighter 848 will also come standard with traction control, a feature not available for the 848 EVO or the larger Streetfighter.

The Streetfighter 848’s steel trellis frame is new, with a 24.5 degree rake matching the 848 EVO and steeper than the larger Streetfighter. With a full 4.4 gallon fuel tank and ready to ride, the Streetfighter 848 has a claimed wet weight of 439 pounds.

Suspension and brake components are of a lower spec than the Streetfighter and 848 however. The Streetfighter 848 is equipped with a fully adjustable Marzocchi 43mm fork and fully adjustable Sachs monoshock with a single-sided swingarm instead of the other two models’ Showa suspension. The front brakes are comprised of radially-mounted four-piston Brembo calipers but not the monoblocs of the Streetfighter or 848 EVO.

The Ducati Streetfighter 848 will be available in fighter yellow, dark stealth black (both with black frames) or red with a red steel trellis frame.

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