Canadian riding apparel manufacturer Velocity Sportsgear has launched a new website allowing customers to custom design their own leathers online.

Visitors to can order from Velocity’s existing catalog of riding apparel or choose to custom design their own jackets, pants and suits.

The customizing tool offers several design templates to start from, and then users can pick and choose the color for each particular section of the apparel. Velocity offers 15 base colors and six premium metallic colors.

Customers can also select additional armor protection, lining and pockets, as well as add lettering and custom logos. They can also can input specific measurements for a custom fit.

The online customizing tool is pretty nifty. I have to admit to spending quite some time selecting different color combinations. I do wish there was an easy “back” feature to quickly return to the previous step, but once you finish the measurement step, you can go back and edit any previous stage of the design process.

Prices range from $800 to $2100 for custom suits, depending on options and material (i.e. cowhide versus kangaroo).

[Source: Velocity Sportsgear]