Brammo has acquired an off-road riding center company Quantyaparx from KOM Enterprises, and announced the rebranding of the company as Brammoparx.

Quantyaparx has a network of off-road riding parks around Europe reserved exclusively for electric vehicles. Customers can rent and ride electric off-road motorcycles at these riding centers which, because of the lack of noise and air pollution from electric vehicles, can be located near urban and rural areas.

As its name implies, Quantyaparx was associated with Swiss electric motorcycle maker Quantya, but with the acquisition, the company will now use Brammo‘s products, namely the six-speed electric Engage (pictured above)  and Encite motorcycles.

Quantyaparx has 14 franchises: eight in Germany, two in Austria, two in Spain and one each in France and the United Kingdom. Craig Bramscher, founder and chief executive officer of Brammo, says the company will seek franchises in other locations including within the U.S.

“We are excited about this acquisition and we will be introducing our latest 6-speed off-road Brammo motorcycles – the Engage and the Encite – to BrammoParx locations at the earliest opportunity. We will also be making the BrammoParx franchise opportunity available in other countries, including the U.S.A.,” says Bramscher. “We know the demand for off-road parks is growing and KOM has both a unique business model and a highly successful track record in this market.”

The newly renamed Brammoparx will officially re-launch Nov. 8 in Milan, Italy, during EICMA.

[Source: Brammo]