Horex announced it is delaying the launch of its VR6 Roadster due to a lack of supply of parts.

Originally scheduled to launch later this year, the Horex VR6 Roadster will now instead launch in spring 2012. Because compressor component supply is particularly backlogged, Horex will initially introduce the non-supercharged VR6 with the supercharged version to come later in 2012. The original plan was for the supercharged version to come first.

“We wanted to have the new Horex on the market in time for the 2012 season. Therefore, we decided to move up the production date of the planned, non-supercharged model,” says Clemens Neese, Horex chief executive officer. “The supercharged version of the bike will appear on the market somewhat later.”

According to Horex, the non-supercharged VR6 Roadster will have an output of 160 hp, less than the supercharged version’s claimed 197 hp. The 1218cc engine has six cylinders arranged in an offset 15-degree VR6 format, with three valves per cylinder arranged in a radial configuration. Though Horex hasn’t announced the weight of either version of the VR6, the lack of a supercharger will make the base model significantly lighter.

Horex also announced it the VR6 Roadster will be chain-driven as the originally planned belt drive did not perform as hoped during road testing.

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