A commercial for the Nissan Juke about the Japanese manufacturer’s crossover automobile’s motorcycle-inspired center console is sending a very anti-motorcycle message. The controversial video (look for it after the jump) has the Juke chasing down motorcyclists and running them down in a parking garage.

Automobile manufacturers often tout “motorcycle-inspired” design elements, and the shape of the center console in the Nissan Juke (pictured above) is one example. (We’d post a picture of what the Juke looks like from the outside but we don’t think the Juke needs the promotion; besides, in the words of reviewer Derek Kreindler on our sister site, Autoguide.com: “The Nissan Juke is ugly.”)

But while other manufacturers describe the two-wheeled inspiration in more or less respectful tones, Nissan has taken a different approach, describing the center console as a hunting trophy from the Juke’s run-in with a motorcycle gang.

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It’s bad enough the almost entirely computer generated commercial seems to promote chasing and running over motorcyclists, the riders themselves are depicted in a negative light as a menacing gang (or “predators”, as the narrator describes them).

Frankly, we’re a little surprised this commercial was ever approved. Manufacturers don’t usually like to depict their vehicles intentionally running people over. Motorcycle.com contributor Barry Winfield reports the ad was produced by Nissan Canada’s ad agency and the video and the reaction to it hasn’t sat well with Nissan USA.

What do you think, readers? Let us know in the comments below or, if you like, let Nissan know.

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