Yamaha is reportedly planning to open a new manufacturing facility in Pakistan.

According to the Associated Press of Pakistan, Yamaha would invest $150 million in the new 50 acre facility, to be located in Karachi, Pakistan’s main seaport and financial hub. The plant would produce motorcycles for the Pakistani market, as well as models to be exported to other Commonwealth of Independent States nations.

The proposed facility would reprotedly produce motorcycles equipped with water-cooled engines, electronic fuel injection, and automatic transmission, and meet European standards. Yamaha currently offers models such as the Yama4 pictured above, a carbureted 100cc four-stroke priced at 72,500 Pakistani rupees (US$840).

Sumioka Ryouichi, executive officer of Yamaha Motor Asia, says the investment would produce 45,000 jobs in Karachi.

Discussions of between Yamaha and the government of Pakistan were initiated in February during at trade summit between the president of Pakistan, the emperor of Japan and various Japanese companies.

[Source: APP via The Express Tribune, President of Pakistan’s official website]