A consortium claiming the rights to the Lambretta scooter brand is cracking down on what it considers to be unauthorized use of the Lambretta name.

The Italy-based Lambretta Consortium is specifically targeting the LN125 and LS125 (pictured above) scooters currently being sold under the Lambretta name. The Consortium is taking legal action, both with its own legal team and with international customs and police authorities, to prevent the sale of these scooters.

The LN125 and LS125 are produced by Taiwanese manufacturer Her Chee Industrial (also operating under the brand “Adly”). The Lambretta Consortium is seeking action against Her Chee Industrial and two former Lambretta licensees, Ireland-based Clag International and Italy-based Motom Electronics Group. Cease and desist notices are being issued to importers distributors around the world notifying them of the Consortium’s claim of trademark infringement.

[Source: Lambretta SA]

Lambretta Initiates Biggest Anti-counterfeit Operation in History

DUBLIN, August 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

International scooter icon Lambretta Consortium headquartered in Milan, Italy is initiating one of the largest trademark counter-infringement operations in recent history, by preventing the unlicensed LN125 and LS125 scooters entering the world market under the name Lambretta. In a joint international operation with its legal force, customs and police authorities, the consortium is taking international action to protect its brand rights.

The operation is directed against two former licensees; Ireland based Clag International and Italy based Motom Electronics Group Spa.

Additonally, actions are taken against the Taiwanese LN125 / LS125 scooter manufacturers Her Chee Industrial Co Ltd. acting under the name ‘Adly’ and Gamax Moto Corporation.

Finally, Lambretta is taking protective measures against the expanding network of importers and distributors in Europe, Asia, Oceania and America. Even trusted distributors and reputed magazines are involved, not being aware of the illegal character of the introduction of the new LN125 / LS125 scooter models. Cease and desist letters have been sent to all known distributors, to make them fully aware of the implications of their illegal activities.

Lambretta has issued official statements on its global websites (http://www.lambretta.com) to warn the public not to issue pre-payments to the local distributors. Moreover, a list is published on the website of all distributors that are involved in these fraudulent acts.

The consortium together with its lawyers and the authorities have uncovered worrying facts about the infringing activities. Shell companies and trusts like ‘DBM Lambretta International Srl’ and professional appearing websites like http://www.lambrettaoriginale.com, http://www.lambretta-italia.it and http://www.lambrettamotorcycles.com with changing owners, have been used in an attempt to hide activities and networks from Lambretta.

Lambretta emphasizes that the only legitimate organization to enter scooter licensing agreements on behalf of Lambretta Consortium is Lambretta Distribution ltd. based in Althorp, United Kingdom.

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