Construction has begun for a new museum for the German motorcycle manufacturer Horex.

Located just a few yards from the site of the original Horex factory in Bad Homburg, Germany, the museum will display exhibits about original Horex motorcycles as well as the newly reborn Horex and its upcoming VR6 Roadster.

The museum will also have a section about the Rex glassware company of the company belonging to the father of Horex’s founder Fritz Kleeman, which helped fund the startup capital for Horex (it also supplied the “REX” in “HOREX”. The “HO” is for Bad Homburg, where the company was founded).

The building itself could be considered an exhibit, as its design (pictured above) was inspired by a classic Horex single-cylinder engine. The ground floor represents the cylinder while the upper section represents a cylinder head. The window on the upper section is designed to represent the cooling fins of an air-cooled engine.

[Source: Horex]

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