Piaggio has revealed a new touring version of its three-wheeled MP3 scooter.

The 2012 Piaggio MP3 Touring will be produced with four engine options, 125cc, 300cc, 400cc and 500cc. The 500cc version will be available in Sport or Business trims. Piaggio will also produce an LT version with a wider distance between the two front wheels for markets where it could legally be ridden by holders of a car drivers license. All versions are equipped with a 3.1 gallon gas tank.

The Touring version of the MP3 offers a number of new features including a three-way adjustable windscreen. The windscreen is designed so that airflow is directed over the screen as well as under, between the screen and the fairing. The new top fairing has a storage pocket with three separate compartments. Other new features include new hand grips, silver finish wheels and upholstered seat with new passenger grab-handles and integrated backrest.

A rear storage compartment is accessible from under the seat as well as from a rear hatch. According to Piaggio, the storage compartment has a load capacity of 65 liters (17.1 gallons) and can hold objects up to 1 meter (39.3 inches) in length.


Both the Sport and Business versions of the 500cc MP3 Touring are powered by 493cc  fuel-injected four stroke Singles claiming 40.1 hp at 7250rpm and 34.3 ft-lb. at 5250rpm. Piaggio claims a top speed of 145 kph (90 mph).

The Sport spec version adds aluminum footpegs, silver saddle stitching and more aerodynamic mirrors. The Piaggio MP3 Touring 500ie Sport will be offered in Matt Grey with black wheels, passenger grab handles, exhaust heat shield and headlight openings.

The Business version (shown in “Perla White” in the photos) is also available in Perseo Bronze and Orione Grey, all with a brown saddle, matching grab handles and chrome finish on the exhaust heat shield. Piaggio is also offering a Cosmo Black version with a black saddle.

The 125cc MP3 Touring uses a 124cc Single claiming 15 hp at 9500rpm and 8.9 ft-lb. of torque. The 300cc version claims 22.5 hp at 7500rpm and 17.1 ft-lb. at 6500rpm. Both 125 and 300 versions use ride-by-wire throttle control. The Piaggio MP3 Touring 400ie claims 34hp and 27.7 ft-lb. at 5500rpm.

The 125, 300 and 400 models will be produced in Cosmo Black, Orione Grey, Midnight Blue and Antares Red (seen below with tall windscreen and top case accessories).

Piaggio has not announced North American availability yet. If the MP3 Touring does appear on this side of the Atlantic, it will likely only be offered in the 400 or 500 versions.

Visit our gallery for more pictures of the Piaggio MP3 Touring.

[Source: Piaggio]



Levels of safety and roadholding that would be impossible with a two-wheeler, matched with power and verve delivering pure fun and maximum riding enjoyment: these are the unbeatable characteristics that have made the Mp3 such a brilliant success.

The arrival of the Mp3 Touring brings completely revised looks and functionality to the most “classic” version of Piaggio’s three-wheeler, while broadening its appeal with the addition of an all new 500cc variant offered in “Sport” and “Business” spec levels.

The new Mp3 Touring is also available as the LT version, which may be ridden by holders of a normal passenger car license.


The technically revolutionary three-wheel layout with two front wheels is the basis of the extraordinary success of the Mp3, a scooter unlike anything else in the world which, with its innovative design with two independently sprung and tilting wheels redefined the very concept of dynamic stability.

This winning formula – as proven by over 100,000 Mp3 scooters sold worldwide – has, over the years, spawned a multitude of different versions and spec levels to cater for the needs of every possible user. These include the Mp3 Hybrid, the world’s first scooter with parallel hybrid drive and plug-in technology, and the Mp3 Yourban, which offers the exceptional stability and safety of the Mp3 in a vehicle conceived for urban use and simplicity.


The Mp3 Touring brings completely revised looks and functionality to the most “classic” version of Mp3 while retaining the exceptional comfort, space and load capacity that have made the scooter a firm favourite for thousands of users all over the world. There is also a new and more extensive choice of engines: the new Mp3 Touring is available with the classic 125, 300 and 400 engine sizes, which are now joined by an all-new 500cc version offered in “Sport” and “Business” spec levels.




The evolved styling of the new Mp3 Touring is immediately evident at first glance. While retaining a distinct resemblance with the rest of the Mp3 family, the new Touring boasts a new honeycomb front grille and a satin-finish centre moulding in the front shield.

The design of the windscreen is also completely new and offers even more protection than before. The new windscreen is adjustable, with three different settings: the gap between the top fairing and the windscreen splits the air flow into two parts, directed over and under the windscreen itself to eliminate turbulence at mid and high speeds.

The new design of the top fairing has also freed up space for a practical storage pocket with three compartments under the windscreen.

Other new features are the hand grips, with improved grip and ergonomics, the silver colour finish of the wheels, and the saddle, which is now upholstered with new materials and enhanced with relief stitching. The Touring retains the same class-beating features of the Mp3 in terms of comfort and functionality, such as the large, ergonomic rear grab handle with integrated backrest, and the luggage compartment, accessible from under the saddle and from the rear hatch, with a record-breaking 65 litres of load capacity and the ability to accommodate objects up to 1 metre in length!


Touring 500ie: Mp3 to the Nth power


Mp3 Touring 500ie has been created to cater for the user looking for a vehicle offering superlative performance without sacrificing the elegance, comfort and unparalleled standards of active safety typical of the Mp3.

Powered by a high-performance 500ie engine with twin-spark ignition, the Mp3 500 delivers class-beating performance and is offered in two different spec levels: “Sport” and “Business”.


Mp3 Touring 500ie “Sport” offers all the new technological and functional features of the Touring range, but enhanced with a number of race-inspired details, such as aluminium footpegs, silver saddle stitching and sleeker, more aerodynamic rear view mirrors which, together with the dedicated Matt Grey colour scheme and the aggressive black finish of the wheels, the grab handle, the exhaust heat shield and the headlight tub, emphasise the sporty character of this variant.


For those looking for performance but with more restrained, elegant looks, there is the Mp3 Touring 500 in the exclusive “Business” spec level, offered in the dedicated Perla White, Perseo Bronze and Orione Grey colour schemes – which come with a brown saddle and matching trim for the passenger grab handle, and with a chrome finish for the exhaust heat shield or in sophisticated Cosmo Black with a black saddle. This variant also boasts all the new features of the Touring family.



Piaggio Mp3 Touring is offered with a comprehensive range (125, 300, 400 and 500 cc) of 4-stroke, liquid cooled engines with electronic injection.


The sparkling latest generation 125 engine now has a revised CVT transmission, for even smoother and more progressive power delivery, enhancing the already outstanding flexibility of this engine variant. The result is smoother, more progressive power delivery making this scooter ideal for all uses. With ultra-low fuel consumption (around 25 Km/l) and a generous 12 litre fuel tank, the Piaggio Mp3 Touring 125 boasts outstanding range.


The 300 cc engine with electronic fuel injection delivers 22.5 hp at 7,500 rpm, and produces a maximum torque of 23.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm: these figures translate to superlative responsiveness and even sparkling performance, making the Touring 300 ie capable of long range commuting in complete comfort.


The 125 and 300 versions introduce a groundbreaking technological first for their classes: state of the art Ride by Wire technology, which electronically controls the throttle valve in the intake duct to regulate the fuel air mixture with absolute precision. The result of electronic throttle control is an optimised air/fuel mixture, which translates to smoother power delivery and, therefore enhanced riding comfort.


The Piaggio Mp3 Touring 400ie is driven by the powerful and reliable, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooled and electronically fuel injected 400 cc engine, producing an impressive 34 hp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 37.6 Nm at 5,500 rpm.


The Mp3 Touring 500 boasts a 492 cc liquid cooled 4-stroke powerplant with twin-spark ignition, 4 valves and electronic fuel injection, producing 40 hp at 7,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 44 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The introduction of a twin spark plug system optimises combustion in the cylinder, reducing both noise and exhaust emissions. The result is a flexible, high performance engine with plenty of low and mid range torque, giving the Mp3 Touring 500ie a top speed approaching 145 Km/h, with total respect for the environment ensured by the advanced “closed loop” injection system with an oxygen sensor and a three-way catalytic converter.



Riding the Piaggio MP3 is an experience that revolutionises the very concept of mobility, with the dual wheeled front suspension system ensuring levels of stability in curves far superior to any normal scooter. At speed, and even when riding behind other vehicles, the Piaggio MP3 Touring stays glued to the road and always delivers maximum performance in total safety. The benefits of the three wheel revolution can be felt particularly on wet roads and in other riding conditions that are critical for conventional two-wheelers.

On city and urban streets, Piaggio MP3 is unrivalled in terms of safety: cobblestones, poor surfaces, tramlines and manhole covers are dispatched with previously unattainable ease and stability.

Measuring no more than a maxi scooter and boasting incredible agility, the Piaggio MP3 Touring is completely at home in the city centre. It is also remarkably easy to park, as the electrohydraulic front suspension hold system keeps the vehicle upright without using the stand.

The revolutionary Piaggio MP3 boasts incredibly short braking distances unmatched by anything else in the scooter world: the powerful triple disc brake system and the incredible grip of the front end ensure stopping distances 20% shorter than the best performing scooter in critical grip conditions.

When the road leaves the town behind, the Piaggio MP3 really shows what it is made of. Road holding, cornering safety and lean angle unattainable for conventional scooters guarantee immense riding satisfaction on fast country roads.

LT: The MP3 for everyone


All engine variants of the Piaggio Mp3 Touring above 125 cc are also available as LT versions. These versions comply with requisites for a specific type approval class, making the Mp3 the world’s only scooter which may be ridden by holders of a standard passenger car license.

The Mp3 Touring LT differs from other variants in a number of modifications necessary for specific type approval, such as a front track widened to 465 mm, motorcycle-type turn indicators, a daylight running light integrated in the lower part of the leg shield and integral braking, allowing both the front and rear brakes to be applied simultaneously on the Mp3 Touring LT from an additional brake pedal on the footrest.




The 125, 300 and 400 versions of the new Piaggio Mp3 Touring are available in four metallic colours – Cosmo Black, Orione Grey, Midnight Blue and Antares Red.

The “Sport” spec level of the Mp3 Touring 500 is available in aggressive Matt Grey, while the “Business” variant is offered in the elegant Perseo Bronze, Perla White and Orione Grey colours with a brown saddle, or in Cosmo Black with a black saddle.