June 15, 2011
| On 10 years ago

2012 Husqvarna 900 Streetbike Testing

Motorcycle manufacturers have a different take on the word “spy”. For most people, when we hear the word “spy”, we picture covert operatives hiding in the shadows, trying to ferret out someone’ top secret information.

The OEMs however, seem to use the other definition of “spy”, as in “to observe”. Here’s the latest example, a set of “spy shots” released by Husqvarna of its new 900cc streetbike outside BMW’s testing facility in Munich.

Pretense aside, the images provide a first look on what Husqvarna’s first road-oriented model will look like. Powered by the a modified version of the BMW F800R’s engine, the as yet unnamed Husqvarna is expected to be revealed this fall at the 2012 EICMA Show in Milan.

More pictures after the jump.

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[Source: Husqvarna]