OEMs are getting hip to online publishing insatiable appetite for new news. Suzuki is the latest company to trickle out bits of info about its upcoming new model, in this case, numerous teaser images of what looks to be the 2012 V-Strom.

The biggest unknown at this point is what Suzuki has done to the old DL650’s V-Twin engine. It might be something as simple (and cheap) as a repurposed 647cc Gladius engine, but it might be enlarged to better compete with BMW’s F800GS and Triumph’s new Tiger 800 (speaking of which, check out our review of the new Tigers).

Otherwise, this is simply a modern interpretation of the old V-Strom that debuted back in 2004. The nose fairing and twin headlights have the same layout as the original DL but receive a contemporary update. The windscreen will likely be manually adjustable.

The tail end also mimics the old V-Strom, with its muffler mounted high to the bike’s right side, large grab rails for a passenger and a new version of the DL’s integral luggage rack.

Of the images we’ve seen so far, none have displayed an indication this new V-Strom will be intended for aggressive off-road use. Its front fender is mounted directly over the tire, which indicates this new machine will be more of a roomy all-’rounder than a gritty adventure-tourer. And instead of a one-piece MX-style handlebar, the illustration shows clip-on handlebars mounted high.

More info is surely just around the corner.