The Iron Man replica is one of Tigerpause444’s more popular creations.

Rejoice, comic book and sci-fi-loving motorcyclists!

YouTube user tigerpause444 has turned his creative forces toward fabbing up ordinary motorcycle helmets into near-perfect replicas of helmets worn by comic book, video game and sci-fi/fantasy characters. But tigerpause444 didn’t limit his inventive ideas to helmeted crime fighters and villains.

He’s even crafted a Jack-in-the-Box helmet, as well as lids that look remarkably like the ever-lovable Cookie Monster and Elmo from Sesame Street.

For the helmeted character replicas like Iron Man and Darth Vader, tigerpause444 has largely relied on bits and pieces of children’s toy masks which he then fits to a standard motorcycle helmet. With a little bit of fine tuning, custom fitting and polish work, tigerpause444 manages to fashion the helmets into pieces that look like they might’ve come directly from the props department of the movie the characters were in.

Tigerpause444, a rider like the rest of us, has been at this helmet-morphing thing since as far back as 2007 according the numerous videos on his YouTube page.

And just in case you’re hoping to find one of Mr. Pause444’s creations for retail, don’t hold your breath, as this wise YouTuber smartly includes disclaimers that his altered helmets do not meet DOT certification.

Make sure to see the various character helmets tigerpause444 has accomplished by visiting his YouTube channel page where he has more than 20 videos of his custom helmets.