Despite the Diavel Carbon weighing in at 207 kg (456 pounds) dry and featuring bulkier dimensions than any other Ducati it still handles very well. This is down to true Ducati know-how where the 162hp 1200cc L-twin and trellis frame are based on the 1198 superbike developments. The engine is in fact the same Testastretta II found on the Multistrada but with a massive exhaust system that boost power over the Strada by 12 horsepower. The midrange of the Diavel engine is very impressive.

Central in the riding experience was the exclusive Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 240/45-ZR17 rear tire. The sharper profile helps turning the bike into corners and the sticky sportbike compound keeps it all in shape. I’m impressed with the Diavel’s stability in all situations and it enjoys both sporty riding and cruising equally.

Whether I found myself in sixth gear on the motorway feeding the throttle from 4,000 rpm and into the never-ending midrange or chasing the top revs in second gear out of tight corners the experience was that of powerful solidness through and through.

The seat was comfortable all day in all scenarios and there are hardly any vibrations at all to talk about. Attention to detail and finish is a new high for Ducati on the Diavel. The majority of components are made of either steel, aluminum or carbon fiber and I struggled finding much plastic at all.

The electronics package is impressive with features such as a well functioning traction control, ABS and three different preset riding modes that are adjustable. My colleagues and I had lots of fun today leaving long black lines out of the corners leading us up from Marbella to Ronda and down again. This bike is very capable and definitely no cruiser. The Diavel is more like a comfy Monster on steroids.

Photos by: Milagro