With the 2010 SCORE Baja 1000 just around the corner, a new video chronicling the career of iconic dirt bike racer Johnny Campbell is being released. The documentary film entitled True Champion: The Johnny Campbell Movie, is directed by Ryan Ray and narrated by Troy Adamitis telling the story of how Johnny Campbell evolved from a young rider into a multi-time desert racing champion.

The movie by Seven Films talks with family, friends and competitors about Campbell’s career, but it also features other well-respected dirt bike and truck racers Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Johnson, as well as some conversations with the late, great Bruce Ogilvie. The video features plenty of racing action that ranges from remote deserts and beaches in Baja to the scorching heat of the Nevada desert, showing just how much stamina and courage is required to pilot a race bike at speeds over 100 mph.

The video provides insight into how Johnny and other dirt bike experts prepare for racing the longest and toughest desert race on the planet at the SCORE Baja 1000, where Campbell has chased his dream to become the winningest racer in the 43 year history of the race.

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