Everyone knows brake lights are to alert drivers behind you, but what about when you roll off the throttle, and tailgating drivers fail to notice your decreasing rate of speed?

Would you like them to know you’re decelerating, rather than potentially becoming another statistic?

Nikkos Designs of Fort Myers, Fla. has a deceleration-sensing Safety Light pending that looks like a good idea.

Bob Price, president and CEO of B.C. Systems – which is due to begin selling the light in a month or so -– is busy drumming up interest, and he got our attention a while back when he began getting the word out.

The idea is simple. Bikes have a lot of compression braking and slow down merely by rolling off the throttle. The waterproof and vibration-proof system senses this deceleration, and emits eight high-intensity strobes per second from the LED-lined light bar.

The solid-state device attaches anywhere high-tack, double-sided tape will stick – such as under the license plate. Since it’s flexible, it can also be mounted on fender contours, or the like. It wires into any 12-volt electrical system with crimp-on connectors. Splicing to the license plate light will work fine.

Bob says police departments and other municipal departments are adding to the list of groups enthusiastic about the lights coming to market, and it’s ideally suited for motorcycles, while also able to be attached to any on- or off-road vehicle, including cars, trucks, ATVs and snowmobiles.

H-D riders, Gold Wing riders, and BMW riders are expected to round out motorcycle groups most enthusiastic for it, and we can see why.

We only got a prototype to check out, so the pic is courtesy of Bob and shows a light similar to what he’s having produced by a major U.S. electronics manufacturer (whose name is off the record for now but is highly reputable).

The system will retail for $119.99 from www.bcsystemsales.com. With ever-increasing traffic density in many regions, and distracted driving still a major problem, this thing could be a life saver.