If you’ve got an obscene amount of spare time on your hands and more than a few shekels in the bank, why not do what British man Tim Cotterill did – build a 200mph monster trike.

Cotterill’s creation, which he dubs the Road Rocket II, is a whopping 16-feet long and 2,700 pounds and is powered by a fire-breathing 1000bhp engine. It’s also equipped with a parachute to help slow the beast down.

He probably won’t let us ride it, but Cotterill was kind enough to put together a 10-minute video of the Road Rocket in action, which is positively oozing unintentional comedy. At times this mini-movie looks like it could have been a Whitesnake video from 1987. At about the 4:45 mark we even get to see a scantily clad lady waiting on the side of the road. Cotterill deploys the parachute (so to speak) to pick up the video vixen, who is forced to sit on what might just be the least comfortable pillion we’ve ever seen. We won’t spoil this by describing her seating position in mere words – only the visuals will do.

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