June 2, 2010
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2010 NCR Millona 16

Take one Ducati Desmosedici 200+hp engine and put it into a super lightweight NCR chassis and you’ll quite possibly have the world’s fastest and most powerful motorcycle. At 145kg dry weight it’s lighter (even) than a MotoGP bike… The 989cc V4 produces a staggering 200hp @13.800rpm and 116Nm @10.500rpm. We’re going to have a chat with Michele Poggipolini of NCR about this bike, but we strongly suspect it’s a one off special.

Read what NCR say themselves after the jump.

Since 1967, NCR has built very exclusive performance motorcycles. At NCR, we strive to offer the highest technology with unmatched quality for all our customers. Every motorcycle is hand built with the greatest attention to detail.

Nowhere will you find such a passionate pursuit to use the very best material and technology available today to build the very best performance parts and motorcycles.

NCR continues this trend with its latest introduction of a truly exclusive and technologically advanced Ippoliti Designed NCR Millona 16 or simply the NCR M16:

Starting with a Ducati DD16RR, the NCR M16 utilizes the latest carbon fiber and titanium to create a clean and flowing design with functionality as its main criteria. We can see the family evolution of the NCR Millona One Shot air cooled motorcycle in the lines of the new NCR M16. The NCR tradition of unmatched power to weight ration continues to be the main driving force in the design and development.

Upon closer inspection, you will note that this is no ordinary motorcycle. It was conceived from the start to be the most exclusive motorcycle in the world by using the strongest and lightest material in the world. By carefully developing every single component to be as light and strong as possible while achieving the very best performance. Without petrol, the NCR M16 achieves an incredible weight of 145 kg (319 lbs). Since there are no rules to follow, the weight is actually lighter than the imposed minimum weight of a MotoGP motorcycle!

To achieve this weight, NCR designed and developed its own carbon fiber frame while improving the air intake system by allowing an unobstructed flow of air through the steering head. Again with the goal of achieving the lightest weight and the strongest performance, NCR developed a new swingarm in carbon fiber as well. The fuel tank, faring, subframe/tail, fender, front faring stay are all carbon as well.

Even the NCR wheels has been projected and manufactured in carbon fiber.

All mechanical parts are either titanium or avionic grade aluminum with material grades derived from Formula 1. This is of course in the NCR tradition.

The motor develops over 200 horsepower at the rear wheel. With the latest generation MotoGP suspension in front and rear, the racing heritage continues. Also the brakes are from the highest racing application.

The NCR M16 uses its own electronics derived from racing with full traction control, data collection and recording, 3 user selectable maps, as well as constant fuel remapping based on environment and gas conditions.

NCR M16: 145 Kg (319 lbs) and 200+ Rear Wheel Horsepower.