Shervin Rezaiy (a.k.a. ShervinRRR), a member of, part of the forum network, has found a novel approach to modding his sportbike.

Such as punching speed holes in his license plate:

Making his own LED turn signals:

Crafting his own exhaust out of aluminum sheet metal (also see the image at the top):

Cutting holes into the bike’s frame:

And creating new air intakes where none existed before:

Is he for real? Or is this just another Internet hoax?

ShervinRRR’s forum account has since been banned from the site after a classic internet forum flame-out. You can catch the gory details here.

Check out more of the Shervinator’s work at the Gallery or on Flickr.

Somebody get ready and dial 9 and 1 on your phone and just wait for the inevitable to happen.