Do you geek out whenever you hear about the latest Batman or Wolverine movie coming to your local multiplex? You’re in luck! Now you can ride to the theater in style in a Dark Knight or Wolverine inspired motorcycle suit. Don’t worry; everybody will be too busy basking in your awesomeness to make fun of you. Nobody will point and laugh…we promise.

The Dark Knight suit is made by UD Replicas, who actually sold out of its initial run of 1,000 suits. For just $1,098, you could get the attention of all the ladies out there who long to be with Dark Knight. Check out the official site for more info.

For the more discerning rider, UD Replicas offers the Wolverine motorcycle suit. This one’s still in development, so you’ll have to wait a little while before you can strut your stuff. Like the Dark Knight suit, dressing up as wolverine means you are protected by CE approved body armor and Grade A cowhide leather. Unfortunately, the suit will not provide an adamantium skeleton or razor-sharp indestructible claws. Click here for more information.