d01_21614403Although I’ve never followed the Dakar Rally (formerly known as Paris-Dakar) intently, I’ve nevertheless been fascinated by the machines and men competing in this seemingly impossible-to-finish race. As far as I’m concerned it’s less a race and more a brutal test of human endurance.

d17_21656867The race traverses an incredible variety of terrain over 9000 km in Argentina and Chile, the countries the Rally now routes through as of the past two years.

As you’ll see in what is just a small sample of the happenings in such a test of wills, the 37 images on Boston.com are nothing short of incredible. I’d like to point you to a favorite, but I can’t; they’re all great!

d06_21591813The Rally is only a couple stages from its end, so now’s a good time to catch up on current standings and get hooked on the Dakar!

See the photo gallery here.