eko-et-120-hybridThe ET-120 is the hybrid version of the Strike EV that was released earlier by Eko Vehicles based in Bangalore, India and claims to be the first hybrid motorcycle in the world.  The new hybrid bike will feature a 70cc gas engine and electric motor that will get 120 km/l or about 282 mpg in hybrid mode, has a top speed of 40 mph but the power and torque will be equivalent to a 120cc engine.

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The price will be around $850 U.S. but will only be available in India. The manufacturers intention is to bring the bike to the U.S. at some point next year, in fact they partnered up with the U.S. based company, Emerging Vehicle Technologies (EVT), to help get the motorcycle produced.

Press Release:

Eko Vehicles shocks the two wheeler market

Bangalore, December 16, 2009: Bangalore based Eko Vehicles launched two revolutionary 2-wheelers, which will create an upheaval in the two-wheeler automobile auto industry. Two new variants of EKO, namely the “Strike” and “ET-120” Hybrid version will storm the market shortly.Having pioneered electric vehicles, and delivered over 18, 000 high-powered electric two-wheelers in India, Mr. Anil Ananthakrishna, founder and Chairman of Eko Vehicles Pvt. Ltd made the breakthrough announcement to the press here today. US and UK collaborators Mr. Alan Rubenstein and Mr. Richard Harmel were present at the press briefing.

“Eko-Strike” breaks price and service barrier: By offering the most economic, reliable and rugged Electric two-wheeler to the Indian market at the unbelievable price of under Rs 22,000/. This vehicle does not attract road tax and does not need to be registered. This model vehicle is to EV what DELL is to Computers: the customer can specify the battery capacity as per his daily commute requirements.

Five-year warranty: Eko’s quality products are offered with a five-year warranty, which is a first in the industry, demonstrating that quality is not sacrificed even at the incredible pricing.

India’s first hybrid two-wheeler being launched by EKO:

US based Emerging Vehicle Technologies Inc. has partnered with EKO for the breakthrough development of a Hybrid two-wheeler. This wonder bike with “with “Electric-Petrol Hybrid” technology is fitted with high power electric motor and 70cc petrol engine. The hybrid range is 120 km/ltr as compared to the normal range of 40 km/ltr. The mind-boggling torque and power equivalent to a 120cc IC engine will dictate industry standard for sometime to come. The price range will be around Rs 40,000/- for this vehicle, with maximum speed of 65 km/hr, and hill-climbing capability of 8°, as compared to normal 3.81°.