friday_the_13th_port_doverAfter suffering through a summer of mostly mediocre weather, attendees of the Friday the 13th Bike gathering in Port Dover, Ontario this past weekend were treated to unseasonably pleasant temperatures. The event proved to be a huge hit as organizers estimate about 15,000 people flooded the streets for this surprisingly warm November rally.

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This was my first trip to the Port Dover rally and though I really didn’t know what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole event. As soon as I got within 30 minutes of Port Dover motorcyclists could be seen en masse and it was apparent there would be a solid turnout. Even when I left the rally hours later, people were still riding in.

Cruising around the rally you could see everything from stretched sport bikes to raked out choppers… even a few vintage Vespas! Of course, a few thousand Harley riders were on hand as well.

_MG_9507If you live close to this Lake Erie destination I think it would be worth your while to make the trip up for the next meet in August, 2010. I guarantee you there will be more than triple the turnout if we get typical summer riding temperatures.

See you in August!

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Friday the 13th in Port Dover history.