OTOD header picBy now, hundreds if not thousands of you riders out there have shot some motorcycle videos and posted them on to the interwebs. On-board lipstick cameras to cell phone footage, if the action is hot, people wanna see it. And if you’ve got a camera and some creativity, the folks at RockMoto want to pay you for it too, sort of. You’ll have to win their contest of course, but here’s your chance to make it big as a filmmaker, rider or both.

Just check out the rules on RockMoto.com, fill your tank with petrol, your brain with ideas and your camera with footage of your choice. Tell them how far you went on one tank and the adventure you had getting there, or tell how far you didn’t go and how many feet of snow had your bike parked for the season. Hell, you don’t even need to have a motorcycle in your video! Just be creative and be fast, there’s only a few weeks left to produce your video response and get it posted on YouTube. Keep it safe, legal and under 5 minutes long, ­ think webisode, not graduation ceremony.

One tank, plus one day might equal $1000 if you’re chosen. And even a half-assed effort might still win you 500 bux, so get to work!

And if you stream music into your helmet while you ride, check out RockMoto’s Pandora channel for mental moto inspiration!