MOM-right-panel-1Join the legends of motocross as they pay tribute to Tony DiStefano.

Hosted by Bob “Hurricane” Hannah and attended by David Bailey, Mark “The Bomber” Barnett, Rick Johnson, Gary & Dwayne Jones, “Bad” Brad Lackey, John “The Flyin Hawaiian” DeSoto, Danny LaPorte, Warren Reid, Malcolm Smith, Steve Stackable, “Rocket” Rex Staten, Chuck Sun, Larry “Supermouth” Huffman and a host of others who will howl at the moon… and each other!

The legends tell tall tales and other horror stories about life on the motocross circuit.

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Tom White presents Tony D with the Edison Dye Motocross Lifetime Achievement Award
SNEAK PEEK at Pipeline Digital Media’s newest film project: “The Carlsbad USGP: 1980”.

Sturges Center for the Fine Arts in San Bernardino, CA.  Doors open 5:00 pm – Showtime 7:30 pm – Tickets $30 each, 2 for $50

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Monsters of Motocross is a creation of Todd Huffman, producer of the Motocross Files.
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