night-riding-visible-thermal-on-coming-caraThe concept sounds great but like with any new product or idea it may look good on paper but how well will it work in the real world, Darren Haley from FLIR is trying to find out.  Haley, is currently testing out this product that is hands-free, it uses a thermal camera that is plugged into a GPS unit to display a more detailed image when riding at night.

Haley, does make one good point about having oncoming cars blind you as they pass, he also mentions in the article that he uses the unit like you would a side or rear-view mirror.

The display allows you to see the lines of the road without having to look at the car and blinding you

The unit will be priced under $2,000 (that usually means $1,999).  I have way too many questions and concerns about this concept but I guess its too early to judge…2001-r1150gs-november-2008-050-199x3002001-r1150gs-november-2008-018-199x300