QLINK is taking online shopping to a new level with their ‘Ready-to-Ride’ delivery service.

What is Ready-to-Ride delivery?

Well, QLINK’s online store allows you to buy their motorcycles right from your computer chair.  It’s pretty surreal to be able to add a motorcycle to your “cart” and proceed to the online check out.

After purchasing a motorcycle online, QLINK will look for a QLINK dealership in your area for you to be able to pickup your new bike.  If there’s no dealership nearby, QLINK will DELIVER the motorcycle to you in a giant crate!

That’s pretty mind blowing and a pretty awesome way to help out your customers.  The bike is fully tested before being shipped and in most cases requires no assembly from the rider (except maybe attaching the mirrors).  The battery is even juiced up and ready to go.

Kudos to QLINK for this pretty amazing service they provide.

Check the rest of the post for a few shots QLINK took of one of their motorcycles being crated up for delivery.  Check out their online store to witness the whole “add to cart” motorcycle shopping.

See what QLINK has to say about their service on their blog!