All good things must come to an end.  One of these things is our weekly posting of MotoGP paddock girl videos.

It was a good run, but we’ve run out of videos (for now).  Congratulations to all of those who followed along.  I’m sure you’ve learned nothing except that the MotoGP cameraman gets away with shoving his video camera in front of boots and hoots (butts and breasts).

Thanks again, MotoGP.

I present to you the final 6 MotoGP Paddock Girl videos.  Enjoy.

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MotoGP Paddock Girls – (Misano GP)

MotoGP Paddock Girls in Le Mans

The A-Style GP of Japan Paddock Girls

Shanghai Paddock Girls

Paddock Girls at Laguna Seca

The Round-Up

Girls on film: The 2008 MotoGP Paddock Girls

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