May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month so we here at The Sidecar and want to make you AWARE!

The lovely folks at have posted an interesting article on the SEE system. Search, Evaluate and Execute. This handy acronym is to help remind you, as a motorcycle rider, to make yourself visible on the road to other vehicles.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), when compared to operators of a passenger vehicle, motorcyclists on American highways in 2006 had a 35 times greater chance of being killed per vehicle mile traveled.

Studies show that because motorcycles are much smaller, they may not be “seen” or fully, consciously registered in the minds of other motorists.

35 times greater!

It’s a cruel world out there, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation believe it all comes down to you to protect yourself.

Head over to to read their article on how to use the SEE system to make sure you are seen on the road.  Check out our related posts below to see more on motorcycle safety.