Want to see what it’s like riding a motorcycle at night through a thunderstorm across some of the flattest parts of Canada?  VRIDETV has brought you this experience, and it is something to behold.

And I must say, I’ve been through Saskatchewan and it is FLAT.  Sitting on a metal bike while driving across this flat terrain with few buildings or even other cars near you makes you a mobile lightning rod.

VRIDETV caught the storm while touring across Canada with an HD camera mounted onto the handlebars of their motorcycle and it seems they’ve run into a few other interesting situations.  I’ve tacked on a bonus video of VRIDETV running into a herd of mountain goats in the Canadian Rockies who seem to be enjoying the salt on the roads.  Awwww!

Thanks to VRIDETV for sharing this experience with us!

Hit the jump to see the full videos!

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