The Lost and Damned is the highly anticipated Xbox360-exclusive add-on game to GTA IV. To sum it up, the game is good. It’s as simple as that. Sure, it’s not as deep as Niko’s adventures and some parts are a little too familiar, but there is just too much content to deny it from being a success.

The biker theme works and Rockstar has added the right amount of content to keep GTA fans happy for a long time. How much content is the right amount? New character progressions, new bikes, new cars, new mini games, new hidden packages, 12 bike races, 25 gang war missions, 6 new multiplayer modes, and over 50 new songs to the already massive soundtrack. Add the meaty ten hour single player story and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster if you intend on playing this while maintaining any sort of healthy relationship with your significant other.

Meh, she’ll get over it.

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