Friday the 13th is supposed to be bad luck for everyone, but is it good luck for Jason Voorhees?

**SPOILER WARNING – If you’ve never seen a Friday the 13th movie I might ruin some stuff for you. You’ve been warned! **

He was born on Friday the 13th, 1946. His mom also avenges his death on his birthday but while his mom is doing her best to give Jason his revenge-filled gift, she gets her head chopped off.

What a confusing time for Jason. Happy Birthday, you’ve almost drowned, your mom was killed, and it’s time for revenge.

The new Friday the 13th remake opens today (very appropriately) . I shouldn’t say remake as it borrows from the first 3 Friday the 13th movies (Jason doesn’t get that mask until the third movie).

The story follows a bunch of teens (of course) who stumble across a run down Camp Crystal Lake (bad luck). Slasher horror ensues. Clay, a motorcycle-riding-bad-boy, has journeyed to the camp to try and find his sister who’s been missing for several weeks.

Will Clay find his sister amongst a pile of dead teenagers who have had a run in with Jason Voorhees? Will there be some kind of action sequence involving a motorcycle burn-out on Jason Voorhee’s hockey mask? (the movie is produced by Micheal Bay, of the Transformers movie fame. I won’t be surprised if this is actually in the movie). Head to your local theatre to find out.

Full trailer and a bonus video of the ending of the original Friday the 13th are after the “jump”.


A clip of the end of the original Friday the 13th. Classic.

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