A new tool from Motorcycle.com has launched that wants to help you find a motorcycle dealer near you!

The new Dealer Locater helps you find motorcycle dealerships that sell the bike you want to buy. Wondering where to nab one of those feisty Big Dog Choppers? Throw that telephone book away and close that Google search down! The Motorcycle.com Dealer Locater can find it for ya.

How easy is it? Why, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Head on over to the “Tools” section on the left side of Motorcycle.com and click “Dealer Locater” (or just click right here!).

2) Find a manufacturer from the drop down list, pick a state, and enter your zip code and click “Find Dealer”

If you are willing to travel all over your state, leave your zip code blank and we’ll show you all the dealers in your state. If you are willing to travel across America, leave the “state” list blank and we’ll show you every dealer across the country.

3) Done and done!

A listing of dealers selling the kind of bike you want. Check the bottom of the page as there might be more then one page of listings available to you.

If you want more detail, click the dealer’s name (it’ll be the big red text). You’ll be given an address, contact name and number, a website address if they have one, a list of manufacturers they sell and a big ol Google map to help you find the place.

And there you have it.

Go forth and find a place that sells a bike that you want, and not just what’s available down the street at “Jim’s Motorcycles and Lawnmowers”.

If you are looking to buy a used bike, check out Motorcycle.com’s Classified section for private sellers (and possibly snag a good deal).