Normally when I think of a custom chopper, I envision something like Wyatt’s Captain America bike or even retro re-creations like the Harley Davidson Cross Bones. After all the act of chopping normally referred to forks and frames, not chopping wood. A unique ride recently added to eBay breaks from this tradition with a wooden hot rod built around the engine and transmission from a 1952 Ariel Square 4 motorcycle.

This custom-built wood car is up for auction on eBay with the current bid at $22,456 and a “Buy it Now” price of $29,900. The car was fabricated by a boat builder in 1959, who allegedly had a desire to own a unique car. Mission accomplished, I’d say!

This 'Woody' is powered by a 1952 Ariel Square 4 motorcycle engine

The man incorporated the suspension from a Citroen and many other parts that have been added are period correct pieces from new cars at the time of construction, including tail lights from a Cadillac.

The car apparently has a clear Missouri title as a 1952 Ariel and carries the VIN from the motorcycle’s engine. (Example of the previous incarnation shown above) If you plan on bidding on this rare piece of Americana, I hope you don’t mind being the center of attention wherever you go, because this car will certainly stand out from the crowd. Oh, and watch for splinters!