The good old forums. The water coolers of the internet. The grapevine. The broken telephone game.

I hope to do a community round-up every week to highlight the interesting stuff going on around the Forum Network that people are chatting about. It was tough to narrow it down to just 3 items and I might have to make a longer list for next post.

So here you go, my top 3 interesting posts of last week. Stay tuned next week for more!

Review: Micro Spy Camera Helmet setup

mb hawaii” from the KawiForums installs spy camera in his helmet to record if anyone cuts him off and causes him to take a fall. Apparently he can use this footage to prove to his insurance company that it wasn’t his fault. The video is actually pretty good quality for a $48 camera he bought off ebay. He just has to make sure his helmet is pointing in the right direction when and if it happens and not towards the car full of good ladies next to him (although, this footage would not be a complete waste).

Does your bike have a name?

Guys like to name things. That’s a scientific fact. My left armpit is named “James Westfall” while my right is “El Chupacabre” for obvious reasons. It makes sense to name our rides… doesn’t it? “Whistle” of V-Twin Forums asks “Does your bike have a name?” and the thread goes on for about 8 pages so far. My favorite bike names in the bunch? “Thin Lizzie” for the rock reference and “The Homewrecker” because it makes sense.

People setting traps to take down riders???

Apparently people in northern California can be a twisted bunch. Home owners along the Santa Cruz Mountains aren’t happy with the noise coming from bikers tearing up the awesome roads there and are setting traps. According to “Serto” on the forums, oil slicks, clothes lines and even barbed wire have been seen laid out on these roads to take down noisy riders which is bat shit insane.

The Santa Cruz Mountain roads may soon look like this:

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Stay tuned next week for the next Community Round-Up.