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Ninja H2 Adorned With Traditional Kawasaki Emblem

Apparent from the latest video teaser in the Ninja H2 miniseries, Kawasaki is reaching into the company’s past and reintroducing the River Mark logo on its forthcoming H2. Vintage bike enthusiasts will recognize the Rivermark emblem from models introduced in the early to mid-sixties era. The River Mark emblem has been associated with various products […]

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No Thru Road: Confessions of a Traveling Man

While working at the American embassy in Rome I decided that after five years I did not want to continue my career as a diplomat. After tendering my letter of resignation I sent my personal belongings to my parents in Massachusetts, got on my BMW R75/5 and headed east. A ferry took me and the bike across the Adriatic Sea to Greece, and then a road led over the top of the Aegean Sea to Istanbul, where Europe meets the East.

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Kawasaki Announces 2015 Vulcans

Today Kawasaki released the list of its not-particularly-updated but available in 2015 returning models in the Vulcan line. The big news of these announcements is that the two 1700 Vulcans received a $2,000 price reduction from last year. That’s right, a price reduction. With three Vulcan 900 models slated for next year, all updates these Vulcans received were in the paint choices. Still, for those […]

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