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Sabertooth Motorcycles Announces Wicked WildCat Trikes

Since 2005, Sabertooth Motorcycles has been creating tricked out V8-powered motorcycles and trikes ranging from 850 cc to 427 cu. in. Well, the expanding line of WildCat motorcycle models will gain two WildCat Trike siblings in the near future: the WildCat e andWildCat m. The WildCat e will be powered by an 850cc overhead cam Weber parallel Twin engine. The purpose-built WildCat […]

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InvisibleVin: Chemical Anti-Theft Technology

InvisibleVin, by Passkey, is a covert identification mark. The product chemically brands an alpha numeric code by passing through the clear coat, paint, and primer to permanently embed the information onto the frame or body part of choice. Invisible under normal light, the phosphorescent mark is clearly seen when exposed to UV light. Most stolen […]

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